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    Eye on Football (EoF) is a website dedicated to bringing you all kinds of information and news about the game of football/soccer.

    Utilising research and a professional viewpoint we provide you with reports on national teams, club teams, players, prospects, clubs, and much more.

    Thanks to our knowledge and experience not only in player scouting at the highest level, but also in club management, we can bring you content through the lens of a football professional.

    We are also always on the lookout for new opportunities in the world of football!
    If your club could use a fresh perspective or aid from a dedicated and ambitious professional, feel free to reach out at!

    What we can help you with:
    - Scouting and recruitment
    - Club management and organisation
    - PR & Communication
    - Marketing, sponsorships, fan engagement, revenue generation...

    Football - the beautiful game

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