World Cup Qatar 2022 – Round of 16 – How did our predictions turn out?

    Saturday 3 December 2022:

    Netherlands – USA

    Prediction: Netherlands did not have too much trouble qualifying, contrary to the USA. This match will see the Dutch needing to bring their A-game in order to proceed to the next round. Which they will. Netherlands win.

    Result: Correct.

    Argentina – Australia

    Prediction: Argentina lost their first game in the tournament, but they managed to steer the ship straight and qualify. For them to progress further, they’ll need to get past Australia. They should be able to manage that. Argentina wins.

    Result: Correct.

    Sunday 4 December 2022

    France – Poland

    Prediction: The reigning World Champs qualified for this round without too much hassle. Now they face Poland, always a tough competitor. France should be able to get the win though, and the qualification. France wins.

    Result: Correct.

    England – Senegal

    Prediction: England will need to subdue a strong Senegal in order to proceed to the next round. I expect a tough and exciting game, with England prevailing in the end. England wins.

    Result: correct.

    Monday 5 December 2022

    Japan – Croatia

    Prediction: Surprisingly strong Japan – with victories over Spain and Germany! – face the runner-ups of the previous World Cup. Should prove to be an exciting game, that could go either way. I predict Croatia’s experience will give them the edge. Croatia wins.

    Result: Correct, but it took overtime and penalties though.

    Brazil – Korea Republic

    Prediction: Brazil qualified easily enough, but the Koreans have already proven they are no pushovers. Should be a tough battle, but in the end Brazil’s quality should see them through to the next round. Brazil wins.

    Result: Correct. It was in fact not that tough a battle for a dominating Brazil.

    Tuesday 6 December 2022

    Morocco – Spain

    Prediction: A promising matchup between two countries with a history. Should be very entertaining indeed. I expect Spain to come out on top though. Spain wins.

    Result: wrong. Morocco beat Spain after extra time with penalties.

    Portugal – Switzerland

    Prediction: Another tough matchup, the second one between two European countries. Eight of the 16 qualified countries are from Europe, so at least two will qualify for the next round. In this match, we predict it’ll be Portugal. Portugal wins.

    Result: Correct. Portugal seems to have hit their stride just in time.

    Final score: 7/8 in predicting which teams progressed, 5/8 when considering the draws in Japan-Croatia and Morocco-Spain, i.e. no wins as we had predicted.

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