World Cup Qatar 2022 – Quarter Finals – How did our predictions turn out?

    Friday 9 December 2022

    Croatia – Brazil

    Prediction: Brazil has dominated the tournament so far, proving themselves to be the number one contender for the Cup. Can Croatia withstand the Brazilian onslaught? Croatian defender Gvardiol is one of the few U21 players that have had a significant impact for their team this World Cup. But even he will not be able to hold off all the attacking waves. Brazil wins.

    Result: Wrong. The game was a draw, and Brazil lost the penalty shootout.

    Netherlands – Argentina

    Prediction: These two have faced each other in a World Cup final before, in 1978 that was. The victory then went to Argentina, with 3-1. I expect less goals this time, and a very close and nerve-wracking game. Argentina will rely on Messi to make the difference, but if their opponents can guard him well enough… Our prediction: Netherlands win.

    Result: Wrong. After an exciting and equally dramatic game the match ended in a draw, the subsequent penalty shootout ended in Argentina’s favor.

    Saturday 10 December 2022

    Morocco – Portugal

    Prediction: Morocco is a well-organized team, but Portugal seems to have found the recipe to success in their last game. I expect they will repeat what they did to Switzerland, although perhaps with less goals in total. Portugal wins.

    Result: Wrong. Morocco won.

    England- France

    Prediction: is it coming home this time? This match will definitely prove whether or not England have it in them to do so, as it sees them facing reigning World Cup holders France. A match the whole world is looking forward to, without a doubt. Who will prevail? We predict Mbappé will prove to be too much for England’s defenders, as he guides France to victory.

    Result: Correct. A penalty miss from Harry Kane meant France won the game 1-2.

    Final score: 1/4 correct.

    A World Cup full of surprises. As it should be!

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