Qatar World Cup 2022 – Matchday 3 schedule and predictions

    Home team wins

    A draw

    Away team wins

    29 November: Ecuador – Senegal (Group A)

    Ecuador and Senegal will decide among themselves who gets to accompany Netherlands to the next round. Ecuador only needs a draw, Senegal needs a win. Our prediction: a very exciting game, and a draw.

    29 November: Netherlands – Qatar (A)

    If Netherlands win, they are assured of first place in the group and subsequent qualification for the next round. I expect them to do just that. Netherlands win.

    29 November: Iran – USA (B)

    A duel between two countries that are not on the best of terms, to say the least. Expect fireworks on the pitch, but when the dust settles – a draw, due to the USA’s lack of goalscoring ability.

    29 November: Wales – England (B)

    England needs the win to ensure themselves of the number one spot in the group, Wales needs the win if they want to take their last chance at qualifying for the next round. I expect England to get the W though.

    30 November: Tunisia – France (D)

    Expect France to play their players who have not received any minutes yet. Why? Because they are already certain of finishing first in the group. Tunisia needs the win to maintain hopes of qualifying, but France will still prove too strong for them. France wins.

    30 November: Australia – Denmark (D)

    Denmark needs to win in order to qualify for the next round, and I expect they will. Denmark wins.

    30 November: Poland – Argentina (C)

    Argentina needs the win to be sure of qualification, and I believe they will. Won’t be easy though, breaking through the Polish defenses, as Poland only needs a draw. Argentina wins.

    30 November: Saudi Arabia – Mexico (C)

    Mexico is currently last in their group, and if they want to have a chance at qualifying, they need the W. Mexico wins.

    1 December: Croatia – Belgium (F)

    All or nothing for Belgium in this game, as a loss would mean a certain exit. Even a draw would, if Morocco gets at least one point against Canada. I expect a fierce game with Romelu Lukaku finally in the starting 11, leading to a W for Belgium.

    1 December: Canada – Morocco (F)

    Canada has nothing to gain or to lose anymore, which could lead to them playing a carefree game against Morocco who will feel the stress of needing to qualify. Resulting in: a draw.

    1 December: Japan – Spain (E)

    Japan needs to win to be sure of qualification, but against Spain it will be a very difficult task. Spain wins.

    1 December: Costa Rica – Germany (E)

    Germany was on the verge of going home, but their draw against Spain – and more importantly Costa Rica’s win over Japan – meant they still hold all the cards. A W against Costa Rica would mean qualification for the next round, unless Japan surprises again. Germany wins.

    2 December: Korea Republic – Portugal (H)

    Portugal is already qualified, so will prpbably grant minutes to their unused players. Korea needs the W. Expect a very tense game, and maybe even a surprise Korean win. W for Korea republic.

    2 December: Ghana – Uruguay (H)

    Ghana could do with the win to be sure of qualification. Uruguay needs a win too though, to grasp their last chance at qualifying. I expect a draw.

    2 December: Serbia – Switzerland (G)

    I expect a draw in this game, but with less goals than in Serbia’s previous one against Cameroon. Prediction: draw.

    2 December: Cameroon – Brazil (G)

    I’m expecting a lot of goals in this one, for some reason. But it will lead to a draw.

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